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This site is designed to help Filipinos connect on the internet and find other Filipinos around the world. Filipinos are spread out all over the globe and it is important that we remember our heritage and continue that wherever we are. I believe strongly in the Filipino heritage. I enjoy meeting Filipinos where I am, though I am far from the Philippines, and sharing with them. We share recipes, news from back home, memories of the Philippines, and other information. I hope to make this site a good place to talk to you, but for now I will list links to good sites that I find that you might be interested in. Please share with me your thoughts and suggestions and I will listen to them fully. Thank you for visiting Find Filipino Friends!

General Philippines Links
Links about travel to the Philippines, Filipino culture, and our Filipino heritage.

What is Pinay?
Information about the word Pinay, and links to Pinay websites.

Filipino Pictures

Island Village in the Philippines

Taal Volcano in the Philippines

Port Barton, Philippines

Filipino children riding motorcycle

Tamawan Village, Baguio, Luzon, Philippines

Camiguing Island, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

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